To Bison Bullion, a local Silver Bullion Foundry in Kearney Nebraska, #AloneTogether is a way to bring everyone together while staying apart. Through the sale of 1,000 - 10 oz bars, Bison Bullion’s goal is to raise $20,000. $10,000 from its customers generous donations and $10,000 matched from Bison Bullion. The money being raised is for a special program in Kearney in conjunction with Shawn Engberg and The Alley Rose called “Drive up and Feed Kearney.” These first two events took place Wednesday May 6th and May 13th while Kearney, NE was in a declared state of emergency thanks to COVID-19 restrictions and regulations. The first Drive up event took place Wednesday, May 6, 2020 in front of the Alley Rose in Kearney, Nebraska. The meal item for that evening was Chicken Marsala. The event lasted for an hour and volunteers and the Alley Rose employees served 400 meals to Kearney residents! The second Event was a hit as well, we provided 1,000 Raja pork w/ mexican corn, refried beans and spanish rice meals. The #Alonetogether fundraising will continue during these uncertain times. The raised funds will still benefit those who have faced the misfortune of this pandemic. he remaining raised funds will be redirected to provide essential items such as non-perishable foods and fresh produce for the Kearney food bank and the Jubilee Center. For additional details about our shop and program check out this Kearney Hub Article







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