Bison Bullion Custom Weight Bars And Rounds


Custom Weight
**This is not accurate - Please email us for a quote**

We are currently offering the custom weight option at a flat $20 fee.
Cost is calculated-- (Silver Premium) x (Custom Weight) + $20.
**Silver Premium is Silver Spot Price + Our standard premium of next lower weight bar**

7.89 ozt Silver bar (Figured from standard 7 ozt bar premium)
4.99 ozt Silver round (Figured from standard 4 ozt round premium)

Custom Stamping

We are currently offering custom letter & number stamping for and additional $20 per line.

Characters available: UPPERCASE LETTERS & : . / -
**Spaces count as characters**

Weight Type Character Limits Line Limit
2 ozt Bar 6 1
3-4 ozt Bar 9 1
5-7 ozt Bar 10 1
10 ozt Bar 12 2
15+ ozt Bar 12 3
2-3 ozt Round 5 1
4+ ozt Round 10 1

We are excited to offer custom weight bars and rounds for that truely one-of-a-kind gift or collectable!

Please email [email protected] for quotes and include a phone number, we will call to lock in a spot price.



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